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Male History

Many human events in world history can be laid at the feet of men. At times, men have exhibited highly principled behaviors. In turn, many of these historical events were positive, life giving, and culturally progressive. However, males have also produced most of the negative and destructive events in human history.         

The male sex is responsible for bad behaviors in all dimensions including: war, racism, brutality, murder, domestic violence, human and animal abuse, rape, pedophilia, pornography, human trafficking, bullying, unintended pregnancies, abuse of political power and destruction of nature, and more. Amidst greatness, bad male behavior continues to thrive in the world in the form of unconscionable acts.  

Our focus is not to shame or condemn the male sex as demonic, but rather to recognize, define and suggest remedies for improving male behavior.

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The bad male behavior project is more than a project; it’s a way forward.


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