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What can I do?

  • Identify and accept you own bad male behaviors, thoughts and actions.
  • Increase your awareness of subtle or unconscious biases and attitudes leading to bad male behavior.
  • Work to catch and check your own impulses to act with bad male behavior.
  • Increase awareness of other people’s bad male behaviors. Act by openly expressing your displeasure of someone else’s behavior.
  • Be intolerant of bad male behavior in others.
  • Avoid groups, peer groups, organizations, adolescent cliques, gangs, and clubs that foster bad male behavior, prejudice and aggression.

Additional Constructive Activities

  • Read books on self-esteem, self-help, anger management and human psychology.
  • Create and attend support groups.
  • Provide workshops with guest speakers.
  • Provide literature and pamphlets through school, church and civic organizations.
  • Become a speaker raising awareness and educating others.
  • Show educational films or movies whose themes center on bad male behavior and conduct a group discussion afterwards.
  • Educate community leaders, teachers, and church officials so they can provide literature and foster discussions within their organizations or age group.
  • Work with the judicial and correctional community providing education and dialogues throughout.
  • Work with existing organizations such as domestic violence clinics, substance abuse programs, medical practitioners, hospital emergency rooms, mental health providers and all professionals who interface with these groups.
  • Distribute pamphlets and literature designed to raise awareness and begin to address bad male behavior.
  • Use the “Bad Male Behavior” kit provided by this organization.
  • Discuss the topic of bad male behavior with another, suggest that they do the same to spread the word and create conversations.



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