The Male Problem



Many human events in world history can be laid at the feet of the male sex. Many of these events were positive, life giving, and culturally progressive. Many males have exhibited highly principled behaviors. But the male sex has also produced most of the negative and destructive events in human history. The male sex is responsible for bad behaviors in all dimensions including: war, racism, brutality, murder, domestic violence, human and animal abuse, rape, pedophilia, human trafficking, abuse of political power, and business crimes, etc. Amidst greatness bad male behavior continues to thrive in the world in the form of unconscionable acts.

Our focus is not to shame or condemn the male sex as demonic, but rather to recognize, define and suggest remedies for improving bad male behavior.


As males, we are the problem. We all exhibit bad male behavior in varying degrees. Much of our bad male behavior has been culturally checked, bridled, or tamed. Much is now under conscious control or has been extinguished during male development. But there is still a reservoir of potential bad male behavior in all of us.

There is optimism if we accept that we do, in fact, possess and portray bad male behavior. We need to act to lessen and extinguish our bad behavior by self-examination, raising our consciousness, self-improvement and by educating others. We can combat the personal, cultural, and institutional forms of bad male behavior that influence our institutions, organizations, political, and governmental agencies.

Clearly, some men are far worse and incorrigible in perpetuating bad male behavior. All humans are capable of bad behavior, but the male sex has historically proven to be the greater culprit who continues to victimize everyone. Men are guilty of causing wars, criminal acts, abuse, violence, and the destruction of nature.

This manifesto defines bad male behavior as anything that is destructive to another person’s life or to nature and has no possibility of a good or redeeming outcome. This is in contrast to “good behavior” that which promotes life and generates peace, growth, harmony, and cooperation with other humans, animals, and nature. Bad male behavior manifests in five types of violence and impacts every area of life. It is a phenomenon that transforms healthy masculinity (that which is deemed good behavior) into one that is toxic. But, it can be stopped. We need your help to make that happen.


The correlation between bad male behavior and violence, abuse, and trauma is real. For statistics, facts, and other information from leading experts and professional organizations, see RESOURCES & REFERENCES >



Our ownership and admission of our problem of the male sex is critical to limiting and eradicating bad male behavior. Our destructive days can be over. Our future can be a new history. The time is now. We need to recognize our denial, rationalization, and minimization of our bad male behavior.

There are not just some rotten apples; those apples are us. We are all from the same tree. We need to accept that the roots of the tree and the fruit of good and bad male behavior is a moral obligation. We as men are all responsible.


The idea of a male dominant culture is the problem versus a human-dominant culture. No dominance is the goal. Male behavior is largely about “I” (self and self-centered). For example: “What I want,” “What I want you to do,” “How I am bigger and smarter than you.” With most women, it’s about “We” (other and joint-focused). For example: “What should we do,” “What do you think,” and “How should we proceed” building consensus and cooperation.



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