altered state of mind: domination within culture. human dominant versus male dominance culture

The idea of male-dominance culture is the problem of bad male behavior. It is adverse to human-dominant culture. No dominance is the goal.

Toxic male behavior is largely about “I,” and is often referred to as toxic masculinity. As it is focused on self, or self-centered, it is not healthy for the person who has it or for other individuals experiencing it. Likewise, it is not inclusive, and only has one goal in mind: self. Here are some examples of thoughts, beliefs, and/or values that relate to the “I” perspective:

  • “What I want”
  • “What I want you to do”
  • “How I am bigger and smarter than you.”

This form of bad male behavior, in turn, creates and furthers an elite, entitled perspective that is often attributed to men. It constructs a hierarchy of genders, and furthermore enforces standards, or rules, based on perceived or desired expectations. Moreover, it results in the destruction of community, the environment, and certainly, the individual. Bad male behavior, as it relates to the male perspective, causes both internal and external damage.

By contrast of the “I” perspective, women value “We” within a relationship. This perspective is other and joint focused. It builds consensus, cooperation, and meaningful community. By nature, it promotes inclusion.

Some examples of “We” focused communication are:

  1. “What should we do?”
  2. “What do you think?”
  3. “How should we proceed?”


Our ownership and admission of the problem of the male sex dominating instead of cooperating is critical. Moreover, when we acknowledge that it exists, we can then take steps to limit and eradicate bad male behavior. As men, our destructive days can be over. Our future can be a new history. The time is now. We must recognize our denial, rationalization, and minimization of bad male behavior and make real change.

Furthermore, the examples that are used here are not unique instances. There are not just some rotten apples. Those apples are all of us. We are all from the same tree. We must accept that the roots of the tree and the fruit of good and bad male behavior is a moral obligation. As men, we are all responsible for changing our self centered focus, so that healthy, inclusive masculinity thrives. Continue reading to find out why.


Changing our perspective from self to others benefits everyone. It creates a more emotionally developed, mature individual with improved relationships and purpose. Specifically, you (and everyone else around you) will gain:

  • Self-improvement
  • Better relationships
  • Helping others improve themselves
  • Fostering growth and encouragement of others
  • Making a better world

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